Traxxas kraton

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Traxxas kraton

New Basher bumper for the Arrma Kraton 8S! Looking to protect your rear shocks and axles?

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We've got you covered with these new rear mud guards for the 8S! Comes with the following for the New rear bumper available for the Kraton 8S! Add an extra layer of protection during your 8S bashing sessions! Come with the following for the Arrm TBR's new Kraton 8S Front Mud Guards mount to the inner chassis and will go a long way in protecting your electronics from excess mud and debris du It is mounted with 13 screws to spread the impact across the Our chassis brace for the E-Revo is made of.

It is mounted with 12 screws to spread the impact across the w This Wide Basher front bumper was made at a request from a customer. It mounts under the chassis with aluminum stand-offs and longer screws. This listing is for the Wide basher bolt on front for the E-Revo. The bolt on is made only to fit with our chassis brace. This listing comes wi It is designed to be smaller than our Thrasher bumper to give extra Bumper mounts under the chassis.

This listing comes with the following This listing comes with the The bumper mounts under the chassis. The front has holes to accept your LED lights! Lighting kits are available over at TheToyz. This listing is for the basher bolt on front for the E-Revo!

The bolt on is made only to fit with our chassis brace protector. This listing It will not mount to your truck by itself. If you want to use the MERV chassisIt is a good choice for those who want non-stop adrenaline pumping without the complication of malfunctioning risks. Most bashing enthusiastslike ourselves, were in desperate search of a truck that gives us the greatest bang for our buck. Especially, when it comes to durability, acceleration, and immortal features.

One that travels at ridiculous speeds over unimaginable terrains. In their attempt to enhance its functionality and agility, numerous revamped enhancements have been made to this model as compared to older version and competitors; adding on to the amped-up suspension, it now also includes adjustable, oil filled shocks that use a 4mm shaft, the chassis was also restructured to become a recipient of a stiffer servo mount, front and rear chassis braces, bulkheads and so much more that you will discover as you read on!

The 18 pound, Furthermore, it boasts of the following outstanding features. The type of chassis includes a standard, flat pan layout plate with stiffeners with molded side skirts made out of precision manufactured, 3mm thick aluminum, anodized black material.

You will find a narrow rear section and a large composite rear stiffening brace. An interesting eye-catch would be the monkey bars located in the middle of the truck that offers a cage-like anatomical structure.

Arrma 1/5 Kraton 8S BLX

Moreover, it also comes with mudguards on both sides, composite stiffening braces are present to reduce the possibility of the chassis bending. The aluminum, upper front support brace covers everything from the gear-box to the steering posts. It is quite obvious that the drive train feature available is substantially stable. The axels on each corner are bulky 5mm shafts, the dogbones are in the center and rear with CV Axels in the front. Providing lots of sturdiness via steel based optional pinion gears and spurs.

It also comes armed with drive line runs on the ball bearings, well-braced gear cases, and hubs all of which encourage a fast-moving drive line. A red-anodized aluminum motor mount holds the motor in its place. The aluminum motor mount is also the center diff support that distributes power to the front and rear.

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The ESC has a host of parameters that are customizable and can be set to your personal driving style. And 4 AA batteries. Discover speed control that comes armed with a cooling fan.

Thus, permitting you to finely tune and control to match whatever level of skills are within your arsenal. The battery tray holds a variety of packs i. These intensify the level of flexibility and adaptability that this product has to offer. They even throw in a jumper wire for smaller packs, 6S LiPo compatibility, over-voltage safety, as well as a 2-stage LiPo cut-off.

Within this device is an A-Arm front suspension made of a pivot ball design, along with flexible arms and multiple tower locations. Rear H-Arms and stocky hubs are elements of the suspension, complemented by hefty turnbuckles. The camber, roll, and wheelbase are all adjustable.

This 4-wheels independent component gets supplementation by the large-bore, aluminum boiled coil-over shocks. These big bore shocks can be filled up with whatever is your preferred choice of oil and the threaded pre-load spacers alleviate stress when it comes to random fine tuning moments.

The ride height is also fixable through pre-load collars. Without coming off as too overpowering, the low-profile speed truck body appears aggressive-looking in nature whilst supporting a rugged, pre-painted and detailed appearance i. Cadillac inspired front grille and headlights. The strong, black, nylon wheels mm molded themselves are black spoke style with a 17mm adapter and the ARRMA Mounted, high-traction tires are dBoots Copperhead All-Terrain fashioned and prove to have a vice-like grip.

The large wings and wear-resistant all-terrain Minokawa MT tires can hastily soak up rough landings of extreme jumps or obstructions. New and improved front and rear hubs bring to the table a better off geometry that directly correlates to far more consistent handling.T-Bone Racing's Snow Skis are a must have if you want to have some fun in the snow! Designed to give the Chassis of your X-Maxx protection from the average wear and tear.

It's made to produce a "Glide" effect when going over obstac It is mounted with 13 screws to spread the impact across the The Traxxas X-Maxx was built for bashing and that means driving it through copious amounts rocks and brush which is known to wreak havoc on shocks The XV4 has been designed to be lighter and tougher than the original X Basher.

The Traxx Two sh Our new full chassis skid for the updated 2. This combo will Protect your 2. It mount The updated Basher style bumper gives your Rustler 4x4 total protection up front! This l We went back to the drawing board to bring you a bumper tha Bumper mounts under the chassis. Shock absorbe Our Wheelie bar set is a 4 piece set. The bottom skid mounts to chassis at six locations; four at supplied stainless steel standoffs and two at th Whether you are repping the crawlers, street racers, or bashing crews these lights are hands down the best and easiest way to bring your build to t Brushless Motor Guard 2 Rear Bumper for the Traxxas Rustler This bumper will protects the transmission case and the brushless motors as well.

Our " We are excited to offer you the first Rustler 4x4 bumpers on the market! Drive shafts up front means more speed, more bashing and that means you n It is made of black nylon and comes with the necessary hardware The Wide Basher front bumper was made per a customers request to give the front wheels more coverage. It is huge!!! This listing comes with the fo The 2.This bumper has eclipsed legendary seller position and fits on all Arrma 6S vehicles! The Thrasher bumper for the Arrma Kraton is the the sturdiest thrasher we've made to date.

We've designed it with one purpose: To give your Kraton New Basher bumper for the Arrma Kraton 8S! The XV4 2. We've changed up t We have updated the design and material used in our Wing Mounts. It took 12 drops fr The 3. In this update we have added bumper mounting points to They protect both the bottom of your A-Arms an We contacted Dusty Motors and had them design these Protection for the bottom of your rear A-Arms This listing comes with the following for Arrma Kraton This is the brand new Aluminum T2T for the Kraton.

Arrma Kraton 4x4 4S BLX

Made to give the ultimate amount of stability for your build the clean aluminum center brace get Features a quick change adjus This Wheelie Bar has been discontinued. This cage mounts directly to to the body independent of body posts and shock towers. They help keep your rear suspension and drive units clean.

This listing comes with Home Kraton Kraton. View full details. Sold out. No reviews. Added to your cart:. Cart subtotal.Remember Me? Results 1 to 12 of Thread: E Revo or Arrma Kraton? E Revo or Arrma Kraton? Hello everyone! I have been doing some research trying to decide what vehicle I want to buy to get back into the RC world. I used to have a Jato 3. So far, the two models I have come up with are the E Revo and the Kraton. Based in all the information I have been able to gather so far, the Kraton is the better truck.

Here is a basic run down of what I have found: E Revo pros: Tougher chassis, tougher body, better throttle response, better aftermarket support, great online tech support Kraton pros: Tougher suspension, better overall durability, better stability, more options on suitable battery packs, the option to run a single battery pack, or dual battery packs.

At this point, I am leaning towards the Kraton based on the battery pack options as well as overall durability and superior handling. I would love to hear any thoughts you guys have regarding the topic as well as any RCs that I may be missing. This is a Traxxas forum so it's going to be biased toward their vehicles.

I wouldn't compare an E-revo to Jato. Totally different in many ways. Here is a thread where a member gave their impressions on what electric Traxxas vehicles they own.

traxxas kraton

Last edited by grizzly03; at PM. I posted this the other day about my E-Revo 2. I honestly want to like the ERevo more. All of my battery packs and my charger all have the Traxxas connectors on them. Plus, I really liked the service I got from their online tech support. I have read some comparisons on the Arrma forums as well, so I am prepared to adjust for bias.

I like my Erevo 2. I have no complaints other than stock steering servos are a little weak. I would go with the E revo any day. I have an ERBEv2 and outcast 6s.

traxxas kraton

I doubt I'd spend the money on another arrma. They are fine if you don't do a lot of big jumps, but if you do, your money ahead to start with something that is better out of the gate.

For me, the tekno MT would have been the better choice had I known, I like shorter trucks. The tekno costs quite a bit more than the kraton, but it starts with a much better foundation. Then your still stuck with ball ends that are weak all over the vehicle, diffs that give up the ghost very early in life, iffy radio and a bad servo along with metal shielded bearings throughout.

I got my ERBEv2 as a roller and moved some stuff over from my v1.

ARRMA Kraton 6S BLX Review

The v1 was the first electric truck I bought and I got it new. For what I do, the v2 needed a few upgrades, but not near the cost of my outcast.From the Clodbuster to the E-Revo, monster trucks have been with the hobby for a long, long time. While the vehicle came out a few months ago, they've been on backorder and we were unable to get our hands on one.

Until now. Will the Kraton stand up to the stiff competition? That's what we're here to find out. Personally, I like the blue body they released internationally a bit better than the green one available in the US, but otherwise, the body is aggressive-looking and has plenty of detail without being too busy.

The tires are nice and soft and should be quite grippy. Or at least, very similar. I noticed the tires were very well glued - there were no spots missed.

traxxas kraton

Quality job. Taking the body off reveals the first stand-out feature: a removable plastic rollbar. It appears to help the body keep its shape and lessen the blow to the chassis in the event of an upside-down landing. We'll see how well that holds up; it looks sturdy, but who knows? Other stand out features include red-anodized, aluminum, threaded-body shocks, sway bars on the front and rear of the vehicle, a center differential, steel dogbones in the rear and steel CVDs in the front. This truck is well-equipped and has features not seen on other trucks at a higher price point.

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It's also rated for up to 6S operation, though we won't be running that high in this review; we're keeping it at 4S. The motor is rated at kv, a little lower than the Mamba Monster, which I think is a good thing. A lower kv rating means more torque, and torque is essential for these kinds of trucks.

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Plus, you can always gear it up if you want more speed. The motor is held in place with a red-anodized aluminum motor mount, would should help to both keep it in place and also dissipate some heat. Most vehicles require you to make your own jumper if you want to do that. I also love the thought that went into designing the battery tray for those that did want to run two packs; the little feet are designed to offset the two batteries, preventing the wires from getting pinched should the packs try to move.

Most of the reviews I've done have had some of these little touches, and I'm pleased to find some on the Kraton as well. The steering servo probably bears some mention. It's a strong one, weighing in at oz-in of torque.Get valuable tips, tricks, and advice on how to build a profitable and thriving retail business.

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traxxas kraton

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Traxxas erevo 2.0 and Arrma Kraton 6s bashing and jumps

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