Hades game guide

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Hades game guide

Boss: Hades. This is a long and arduous battle, and Hades switches up his tactics quite a bit.

hades game guide

We'll try to summarize his attack patterns, but an element of randomness does exist in this battle. Hit Hades hard in the opening scene and stay close to him. Stay around Hades' feet and hit him with standard attacks. When he lifts his foot, evade away to avoid the ensuing attack.

Keep attacking him at close range and he'll stick to foot pounding almost exclusively as offense which is easy to dodge. His other attacks employ his glowing Claws of Hades weapon. There are three distinct attacks. The most common is a double slash in which he slams his Claws down across the entire arena twice. You can evade this attack by rolling right or left.

Another attack involves one heavy attack near his feet which you may also evade.

hades game guide

The final Claw attack involves him sweeping his claws across the ground from right to left four times. You need to simply hop the Claws as they pass under you. Keeping Hades from using his Claws is a matter of staying under him. Once you damage him a bit he'll retreat to the ceiling and drop creating a shockwave. Jump to avoid this, but make sure you don't stray too far away.

When Hades grabs you and tosses you away you'll need to quickly make it back to Hades feet to attack him. Eventually a prompt appears over his head. Activate it and rapidly press the button shown to rip a piece of Hades' fleshy armor off. At this point the fight takes a strange turn: As Hades draws the chunk of armor back towards him, the arms of Minons appear to grab you. Your goal is to avoid these and attack the chunk before Hades pulls it back.

To accomplish this you'll need to move in with quick chain attacks and possibly use your magic. The minions and chunk will award you with Health Orbs for destroying them, so the more you destroy the better!

The Cyclone of Chaos is a great choice for attack here since it hits all nearby enemies. If you successfully destroy the armor chunk, Hades will institute a widespread attack. Watch the ground carefully as it turns black. One safe spot eventually appears -- a light spot on the darkened ground.

Rush to this spot to avoid the attack. If you make it to the spot, you'll be immune to the chains that appear. After this, the fight will continue much like before with Hades' attacks being somewhat more intense. He'll whip more, but you can still evade in the same manner. Stick close and attack him. He'll also send some ghost skulls at you occasionally. Simply run around the area until they disperse. After another prompt you'll have to rip out and destroy another chunk of armor.

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This is followed by another roomful of chains, so scramble to that safe spot! Face-to-face with Hades once again you can return to your attacks at his feet, but he once again has a few new tricks.Find out if you have what it takes to defend Earth against hordes of insectoid aliens and monsters in Earth Defense Force 5!

When playing through Hades from Supergiant Games, you have the chance to earn Keepsakes which boost your playing experience. There are a total of 16 different Keepsakes in Hades, each of which can be earned by gifting Ambrosia to different characters and Gods. Wondering how to get all of these Keepsakes and what each one does?

Ambrosia is represented by a golden vial of liquid and can be earned by entering a chamber with the Ambrosia symbol on the door. For example, Lord Hades will take Ambrosia from Zagreus before scoffing and sending him away empty-handed. This can be done before you accept a Boon.

SMITEFire Community Guide to Hades (Solo)

The Boon from each God looks different, which should help you avoid gifting the same God over and over again. For example, the Boon from Artemis has a green arrow symbol while the Boon from Zeus is represented by a lightning bolt.

When passing between levels, the same Keepsake box will be made available. There are 16 total Keepsakes in Hades, each offering unique effects that Zagreus can use to his advantage while making his way through the Underworld. Additionally, you can interact with Megaera in the House of Hades after you defeat her in Tartarus. Charon displays his wares beside him which can be purchased in exchange for Obol, while Sisyphus will offer a special bonus for free simply by interacting with him.

For Primordial Chaos, you'll need to find and enter a Blood Gate. Note that you can only equip one Keepsake at a time. After you unlock all Keepsakes, you can continue giving gifts to Gods in Hades in order to expand their section in the Codex of the Underworld.

Now that you know how to earn Keepsakes and what each Keepsake does, what is your favorite Keepsake in Hades?

Let us know down in the comments below! For more on Hades, be sure to check out some of our previous guides including how to unlock new weapons in Hadeshow to upgrade attributes in Hadesand what happens when you die in Hades.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to unlock all Keepsakes and what each Keepsake does in Hades.

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This site uses cookies to provide enhanced features and functionality. By using the site, you are consenting to this. Read more about our cookie policy. December 18 Morgan Shaver Writer. Playstation Products Shop Now. Storage Shop Now.Home Games. Hades - Useful Tips and Tricks. A beginners guide to Supergaint's new roguelike hack and slash, Hades. Basic tips and tricks to get new players started. The 2 upgrades to get first are Greater Reflex and Death Defiance.

Both these upgrades are highly useful in the early game. I would recommend getting Death Defiance first, since this allows you to cheat death once per escape attempt run and get through more chambers and acquire more resources per run, it's also an absolute godsend during Boss fights.

The first person you should give nectar is Skelly, he'll give you Lucky Tooth in return. Only Megaera after you defeat her will return the favour by giving you the Skull Earring.

Hades All Boon Effects Guide

Chthonic Keys Spend your first 14 keys unlocking all the weapons up the Rail, you'll need to unlock the previous weapons; the Coranach bowthe Aegis shield and Varatha. Unlocking the Rail allows for the upgrading of weapons using Titan Blood. Recommended for You: All Hades Guides!

Created by davyjarvis Contact Privacy Policy Games.Luckily, unlike almost every other game he has suggested I buy, Hades turned out to be an awesome game. The graphics are beautiful, the combat is great, and the upgrades and dialog are equally as good. Sure, at the moment the game is a bit short and the mobs become a little repetitive after hours of constant gameplay, but these are things that you expect in such an early access game and they should be sorted with future updates before the games full release.

Glen recently published a video guide for this boss on YouTube which you can watch below. The first challenge is actually making it to Megaera in the first place, which is fairly easy after a few failed attempts but the choices you make on your journey to her are important, and, more specifically, the boons you choose to take on the way play a key role in how easy she is to take down. The boons you should look out for are as follows:.

Primary attack damage: Most of the damage you do to Megaera will be with your primary attack.

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You could also opt for critical hit chance and critical damage if you prefer. Hunter Dash will provide you with critical damage after you dash and considering the amount of time you spend dashing around in Hades its probably one of the best boon choices for the game, as well as the Megaera boss battle.

Primary attack buffs and a deflect buff are the two most important boons to pick up. As well as boons, the upgrades you take from the mirror are just as important. My personal preference of upgrades are as follows:. Death Defiance: This upgrade will bring you back to life should you happen to die a slow and painful death in the underworld.

The upgrade will bring you back to life with 20 health, and each upgrade provides you with another chance up to a maximum of three revivals. Keeping a cast on Meg throughout this fight will increase dps greatly.

When she does this you should dash in the same direction that she is charging not towards her but away. Megaera will then do nothing for a moment, allowing you to get some hits in. Megaera also has a spin attack which is relatively simple to avoid. When Megaera chases you around all you have to do to avoid being hit is stop momentarily and she will begin the attack animation as soon as she is close enough. Once she starts the animation simply dash away.

Never try to melee her before the animation or while shes mid attack as this will result in you taking considerable damage. Of course, things get a bit more difficult when she starts pulling out the big guns such as her AOE, but this is easily avoided by dashing, deflecting, and keeping your distance, as described below:. The only way to avoid taking damage from these is by moving away from them, and the best way to do that is by dashing. It is possible to dash off the circles completely with a double dash, which is why that upgrade is important for this boss fight, as mentioned above.Home Games News Cosplay.

Hades - Gameplay Basic Guide. The goal of the guide is to help people recognize the value of each weapon and Olympian, to reduce frustration caused by using a weapon that seems weak and pairing it with poor boons for that build giving the impression the weapon or olympian in question is just hopeless. The basic goal here is to detail known powerful and functional builds; for those unfamiliar, a 'build' in Hades is a combination of Weapon and weapon Aspect, more on that laterBoons, and Attributes bonuses granted by the dark mirror in Zagreus' bedroom; essentially your core stats that are maintained between runs.

Other traits that builds will be rated on are their Acquisition how reliable and easy they are to put together in practiceVersatility if the build is only good against certain situations, like specifically being anti-crowd but poor against bosses, it has poor Versatilityand Modularity how well this build can tie into other builds. So, with all of that explained, let's get started with the analysis! Experience players can feel free to skip down to the Builds section, but I've included some analysis that might be thought-provoking even before that.

hades game guide

Attributes When using the Mirror of Night, Zagreus is able to improve many core Attributes using Darkness a permanent power-up resource found during runs. Greater Reflex: Dash Twice. After you have beaten the game for the first time, you will be given the option to replay with more challenging conditions.

One of these conditions caps your maximum Darkness allocation in the mirror by a certain amount. Furthermore, starting out, you won't have all of these Attributes unlocked; you must unlock them with Cthonic Keys, which are relatively difficult to acquire in large numbers.

These two situations starting out or doing a low-darkness challenge run force you to tactically allocate your Darkness rather than purchasing everything available. Furthermore, even when you can have everything, some of the traits of the Mirror will change how you use certain builds.

So let's discuss the implications of these Attributes now. Shadow Presence Additional backstab damage can be a useless addition, a situational perk, or a core part of your damage-dealing strategy depending on your build.

Notably, Athena offers the Exposed curse, which massively increases backstab damage as well. Varatha, Zagreus' spear, is particularly adept at dealing backstab damage at range as it can be thrown through an enemy and then recalled through their back.

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Aegis, the shield, can also score backstabs by being bounced off of a wall into a foe's back. Backstabbing foes is necessary against enemies with shields; these show up in Elysium the third region. It is also fairly easy to score consistent backstabs with Aegis in melee, as that weapon can be used very rapidly with wild dashing and button-mashing to zip around a foe and clobber them from all angles. Varatha can also do this to a lesser extent and from much farther awaywhile Stygius, in my experience, favors a more fly-by attack style that is less conducive to backstabs.

Coronacht and Exagryph are not as effective for backstabs aside from lobbing grenades past foes, in Exagryph's case and that should be considered when building for it.

Cthonic Vitality Health recovery is always at a premium in Hades, and this attribute allows the player to make small mistakes every now and again without it dooming their run. If your build favors extreme defensive tactics, this may be a waste of Darkness, if you've managed to get your incoming damage down to 0 for the vast majority of rooms on the other hand, if you make one big mistake, taking 0 damage the rest of the time might let you eventually recover on your own with this attribute.

Think carefully before forsaking it.Home Games News Cosplay. Hades - Comprehensive Beginners Guide. This will be a guide purely based on what I've experienced so far. I will start it off as a Beginners Guide. Attack - Left-mouse button. Cast - Right-mouse button.

Bloodstone - The crystal that is used for Cast.

Mgr latha

Call - F, not possible to use unless you've obtained a "Call" Boon. Interact - E. Movement - WASD. Reload - R. Gift - G, see Nectar. Boons - B, here you can click on your current Boons to see their description.

Artifacts - currency that can be collected or traded, three boons that are only active during Escapes included. Keepsake - An equippable and upgradable artifact that provides you with some benefits. Infernal Arms - Weapons. Darkness - Can be exchanged at the MoN.

Charon's Obol - Can be exchanged during Escapes with Charon, disappears after you die. Titan Blood - Can be used to permanently upgrade Infernal Arms. Gemstones - Can be exchanged at the HC. Diamond - Can be exchanged at the HC.

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MoN - passive skills that can be obtained and upgraded at the Mirror of Nights in your Chamber. Codex - Hold C, here you can find Lore-related information and how to obtain them on i. Tartarus - The area where you first start, before the first boss. Asphodel - The area after the first boss Megaera or her sisters.

Elysium - The area after the second boss Lernaean Bone Hydra. Infernal Arms A few things I would like to explain before we start. Some attacks can't Backstab, but I'll have you find out which ones for yourselves. Takes approx. A Keepsake can be equipped for benefits, upgrade them by meeting objectives.This Major Update opens up even more ways to battle out of hell, with a powerful new weapon, new weapon Aspects, and lots more story to sink your teeth into!

As always, we will be closely monitoring feedback and are planning on at least a couple of follow-up patches. Thank you very much for playing! We are currently maintaining 1, pages articles! Recent changes New pages Missing pages. Sign In. From Hades Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch.

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How to get all Keepsakes in Hades

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